Ketchikan Alaska Fishing

I believe that at certain times in our lives God gives us the opportunity to experience truly amazing things. The past four days have been one of those opportunities for me. The fishing was great, but as good as the fishing was, meeting and sharing time with all of you was truly amazing!! Jim you are special very special. Your humor and patience with all of us "low lifers" were incredible. Believe it or not I think I even learn how to do some fishing. You are a caring and loving family and it shows in all you do. Your "light" shined for all of us and all was good! 

Ketchikan Alaska Fishing Packages

Once again, I have to give a sincere thanks for your hospitality! Being out in the gorgeous natural surroundings, bringing in fish, riding the aqua coaster is a triple whammy of adventure. Capt' Jim is just the best. Thanks for your patience & doing everything to make it fun and successful! Coming back to the lodge almost feels like coming home, so comfortable and cozy. One of the best feelings ever to have is soreness of your arms from bringing in a big halibut. I'll take that over a gym workout anyday. You know we'll be back.
Cindy & John 
Ketchikan Alaska Fishing Lodge

Just as dad had told me, this will be a fishing trip I will never forget! I think he was planning on returning before he ever left last year! I'm glad I got to join my Dad, Uncle and two Cousins on the 2010 trip. Captain Jim, Dad came home last year with some stories about you, and I found out that he wasn't making them up. Thanks for helping me & putting up with me the first morning. You do a great job! This was my first fishing trip to Alaska and the fishing, the lodge with the view, and the people are all wonderful!

The fishing outstanding, view incredible, and the company (of the guide) was second to none. The Moody family make us feel like we are all part of their family. Thanks so much for a week we will never forget! You are the best in the business!!

 I had some expectations as the rookie of the group and certain things I felt I deserved. I got way more than what I deserved. Phenomenal fishing, tremendous view, great hospitality by the whole family, and new friendships made. It couldn't have been a better trip. Thanks for the hard work. Can't wait for the next trip.
Ketchikan Alaska Fishing Packages

Turned out better then I thought it would be, great place to go and see, fishing was a bonus. I have had a few outfitters and guides over the years, some not too good. Jim you are among the best I've seen. Great outfit and family. 

I would like to say thank you, words couldn't show the appreciation and happiness I have had these last few days. Hopefully my smiles revealed it all. You are a great and funny man, thankfully not "moody" as I am sure many guides are. Ha ha, all in all I couldn't of asked for a better graduation gift, and even more so making a great friend out of it, or meeting a great person at least. Hopefully I will see you again one day soon.

 Ketchikan Alaska Fishing

To the Moody Family, Thank you very much for your hospitality. This was the most exciting fishing trip we have ever been a part of. We appreciate everything you have done for us. Hopefully we can make it back and stay at this wonderful lodge you have built, and seeing the whale breach about 50 yards from the boat is something I will always remember. You have a beautiful home and family and we thank you for our stay.
The Starr Family